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Michaela Streibelt

European Legal Advisor

Michaela is a German lawyer and lecturer in business and human rights. She is an advisor at the German Helpdesk on Business & Human Rights, which is a governmental consultancy that advises German companies on implementing human rights and environmental due diligence. Her work for RCP focuses on drafting and disseminating model contract clauses for the German and European context and on providing updates and guidance to companies and other stakeholders regarding legislative developments in the EU. She is a member of the German team of the European Model Contract Clauses for Responsible and Sustainable Supply Chains Working Group.


She previously worked as a litigator at the law firm Luther Law Firm, and as an environmental lawyer at Dombert Rechtsanwälte. She also worked for the NGO European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in business and human rights. She graduated from Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in 2011.

Michaela Streiblet

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